December - 2018

Most people get malaria during or after an expedition but Andy Eavis, leader of the 2012 Expedition, has managed to do so in advance. He had been in West Africa, visiting his daughter who lives there and, about a week after returning, he became very ill. He was at a BCA meeting at the time, which was probably enough to put most people off their tea (! only joking folks) but he was admitted to hospital a couple of days later and was immediately diagnosed with malaria. By the time the medics got him, he had a blood parasite count of 21% – an acute case is normally considered 8%.  Several days of quinine drips, lots of saline, near coma finally saw him come through and he’s now at home, recovering. We wish him well.

The remainder of the team have dusted off their organisational expertise and pulled together to cover for him. The first group fly out of the UK tomorrow, Monday 2nd April, to be joined 6 days later by various others. We’re heading for the southern end of the Park, based at HQ, to carry on looking for more cave in the Southern Hills and the south end of G.Api. We’ve also got a strong science team with us who will be doing more work on dating these fantastic caves.

We’ll update these pages as we go along!