December - 2018

Nearly six kilometres of new cave has been explored and surveyed from the high camp 600m above Cobra Cave. Two caves, each  about one kilometre long, have been explored adjacent to the Red Leaf Monkey camp, while over 3.7 kilometres has been surveyed in Train Cave, with leads still to follow.

One brief alarm was the temporary loss of Mike as he made his way from top camp back to Park HQ with some porters – it seems somehow he got separated from them and did not arrive at Park when expected. A search party was readied to go and comb the slopes for him, but stood down when a radio call from top camp announced Mike’s safe return.

Lagans has continued to reveal new cave with nearly a kilometre now surveyed, still with some small leads to be followed. Elsewhere surveying continues in efforts to tie all the independent caves into the master survey, and the scientific team are busy studying sediments and collecting samples in several caves.

More news as it unfolds…