February - 2019

There have been twenty two organised caving expeditions to the Mulu National Park. Of these, nineteen have been British organised expeditions, retrospectively grouped now under the Mulu Caves Project.

The first expedition to the area was organised by the Royal Geographical Society in 1977/78. Caving was only a small part of this 15 month long, multi-disciplined, expedition and only six cavers were in the field for 3 months. In this time they explored and mapped 42 kilometres of cave and set the tempo for future expeditions which have since occurred at regular intervals.

Links to British expedition summaries:

RGS Expedition 1977/78
Mulu ‘80
Sarawak ‘84
Mulu Caves ‘88
Mulu Caves ‘89
Api ‘90
Api ‘91
Mulu Caves ‘91
Hidden Valley ‘93
Api ‘94
Mulu Caves ‘96
Mulu Caves ‘98
Benarat 2000
Benarat 2003
Benarat 2005
Mulu Caves ‘07
Mulu Caves ‘09
Mulu Caves 2010
Mulu Caves 2011
Mulu Caves 2012
Mulu Caves 2013 
Mulu Caves 2014
Mulu Caves 2015 
Mulu Caves 2017 (May)
Mulu Caves 2017 (October)
Mulu Caves 2018