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The ‘Caves of Fire Mountain’ expedition was the last in the series of ‘Gunung Api Connection’ expeditions. On this occasion the Clearwater System was extended and further work was carried out in the Stone Horse / Fern Rock System.

Following the success of the earlier ‘Api Connection’ expeditions a team returned to the Park during 1994.  

Following a tip from the Mulu Caves ‘91 expedition the team investigated Beckoning Finger Passage in Leopard Cave. A passage had been seen in in ‘91 in the wall of a ramp in the connecting passages between Blackrock and Clearwater and, on drawing the survey, it was realised that this was tantalisingly close to Beckoning Finger. Success was in the air and as predicted the caves were connected. This established the Clearwater System as 107km long.

Other leads in Blackrock Cave were explored without much success and in Cave of the Winds a connection with Racer Cave remained elusive. 

In the Southern Hills a further 800m was discovered in Fern Rock Cave and Paris’ Cave, explored by Park Guides in ‘92, was documented. Further exploration was carried out in Stone Horse Cave and the expedition documented the Fern/Paris/Stone Horse System in their expedition report. A cave was discovered in the isolated Batu between Long Pala and Deer Cave. Named Peter’s Cave this yielded well decorated chambers and hoof prints indicated it to be the hunt of wild boar. 

The expediton spent some time at Camp 5 in the Melinau Gorge. A lead was investigated on the Api side in Pinnacle Cave and further surface searching west from here revealed Parang Cave which although only short was noted as having a strong draught, it would be a further sixteen years before this was rediscovered and its proximity to Whiterock Cave understood. Further east a calcited entrance was seen although completely blocked this was named Proboscis Cave. 

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