December - 2018
The Melinau Gorge - Expedition Base Camp

The Melinau Gorge - Expedition Base Camp

The expedition returned to the UK after two months in the field.  Based at camp 5 in the Melinau Gorge the team surveyed over 27km of new cave passage.  The main focus of exploration was in the Whiterock area of the Clearwater System where a 3.5km long section of new river passage was discovered, the longest continuous river section in the National Park.  The total length of Clearwater was increased to 176km making it the 8th longest cave in the world.

Other discoveries included abseiling down the Bererat Cliffs into the Hole of the Moon cave, 350m above the forest floor.  2009 also saw a return to science with Gina Moseley continuing the cave development studies first started by Professor Pete Smart 29 years ago!

Expedition leader,  Tim Allen,  said, “The expedition has been a resounding success with many wonderful new discoveries being made.  The team worked positively with the National Park staff and the local community, and due to our long experience in Mulu we were able to complete our work with a minimal impact on Park resources.  We are all looking forward to returning to Mulu in the near future.”