February - 2019

The multipart Mulu 2017 expedition in now underway and in the field for the duration of April. A 24 strong team of cavers is targeting specific objectives:

1. A team will continue to explore Conviction Cave in the remote Hidden Valley area – discovered in 2015, this has potential to go right through Gunung Api mountain to the Melinau Gorge eight kilometres distant.

2. A second team continues the exploration of the high-level Creedence series in Clearwater Cave, where there is high promise of extending the length of the 215km Clearwater System.

3. Team three attempts to connect the caves of the southern peninsula of Gunung Api to the main Clearwater System. Although only 100m or so separates the caves, the connection has eluded generations of cavers.

Several of these objectives have problematical logistics and access, and much planning has gone into getting food, equipment and personnel to ‘the sharp end’.

Exploration has just begun – news on key discoveries will be released when possible.

The expedition wishes to acknowledge the support from sponsors: Five Ten for Canyoneer amphibious footwear, Spanset for caving rope, Mark Wright Training for height safety equipment and Texenergy for a wind up electronics charging device.