February - 2019

Clearwater Cave has moved up to 8th place in the rankings of the world’s longest caves, with recent discoveries extending the Clearwater system to over 200 kilometres long.

The 2014 expedition team arrived in Mulu on 14th April with several objectives including a focus on new exploration in Clearwater Cave and the southern end of Mt.Api.  Racer and Lagangs caves were earmarked for attention as these are very close not only to joining to each other, but also to connecting into the Clearwater System.

Returns are already coming in with over 5 kilometres of new cave explored, including a new 2.2km cave, Easter Cave, above Racer Cave with unexplored leads and heading towards Cave of the Winds. A team based at the old Scumring Camp in Clearwater have also discovered some 2km of new passages in the Ronnies Delight area of the cave between the Revival trunk route and the Clearwater 5 river.

Further team members are arriving in the Park to continue exploration efforts, which will include an attempt to dive the upsteam sump in Nasib Bagus beyond Sarawak Chamber.

The expedition is in the field until 17th May.