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29th March 2011.  Mulu National Park HQ.

Most of the team are now safely on the way home, whilst the final five members pack up the equipment and stow it away for next time.  Returning from Camp 5 yesterday the team were very pleased with the results of the later stages of the trip.  A final bout of exploration brought in 2kms for the last caving day taking the total up to 15km of new passage surveyed for the trip. Much of this new cave passage has been found in Whiterock and takes the total of the Clearwater System to just under 189km in length.  This pushes Clearwater up to eighth longest cave in the world, overtaking the Fisher Ridge System in the USA.

A bad case of Mulu foot. Photo (c) Jane Allen.

A number of our colleagues from the Sarawak Forestry Corporation joined the group for various length of time.  The team was particularly pleased to host Oswald  Braken Tisen and have the opportunity to demonstrate our work directly and familiarise him with the Whiterock part of the system.  Also we were pleased to have Rambli Ahmad with us for the last three weeks who showed us what a proper case of Mulu Foot looks like!

As soon as we return home we shall prepare a preliminary report with full details of our work.  In the meantime we can consider Mulu Caves 2011 a very successful trip and extend our thanks to all those who have assisted the project.