February - 2019

Leica Geosystems, the manufacturer of professional GPS equipment and laser distance meters, is continuing its support of the Mulu Caves Project with the loan of four Disto X310 ruggedised distance meters. As well as being IP 65 water and dust tight, the X310 has a built-in inclinometer allowing surveyors to measure the vertical angle (or clino reading as cavers call it) from one station to the next. ¬†These will be a great boon to the expedition. Over recent years the disto has become a popular alternative to the old fibron tape for cave surveying, but were sometimes still delicate instruments. Leica have now developed what could well be the perfect instrument for cave surveying and, the units will certainly speed up the process of taking and recording measurements in Mulu’s giant cave passages.
Leica geosystems

leica x310 disto

the Leica X310 Disto