December - 2018

An inlet passage to the Whiterock River close to Camp 5 and below the Melinau Gorge. Photo © Robbie Shone

Subject to a successful permit application the Mulu Caves Project hopes to return to Gunung Mulu National Park in February 2011. 

The expedition proposal will have a number of objectives  and will be split into two phases.  Phase one will attempt a 3D laser scan of both Sarawak Chamber and Deer Cave. This technology has never been attempted on such a scale before.  If successful 3D maps will be available, for the first time, of both the largest chamber and largest cave passage in the world.

Phase two will continue the work of the 2009 expedition and be based at Camp 5 in the Melinau Gorge.  It is hoped to be able to extend the length of Whiterock Cave under the  slopes of Gunung Api and to locate a northern entrance to the Clearwater System.  Survey work will assess the possibility that the caves may extend northwards under the Melinau Gorge towards Gunung Benerat.  The expedition hopes to explore a number of other interesting features in the area.

Tim Allen will again lead the team which is expected to number fifteen speleologists over the six week period.  The project team is likely to have a minimal impact on National Park resources and will offer assistance to Park Management whenever requested.