February - 2019

The Mulu 2012 Expedition which was in the field throughout April was deemed a great success. The mixture of scientific, exploration and filming objectives were all successfully accomplished – although where exploration is concerned there is never enough time to accomplish what we would like to in Mulu! Nevertheless, some 9.5 kilometres of new cave were surveyed, including a major system, Train Cave, high in the hills above Cobra and Bridge Caves. But there were also significant extensions to Lagans Cave, just off the tourist boardwalk.

Train Cave, Southern Hills, Mulu

A beautiful passage in Train Cave | © Tony White

Scientific studies covered bell hole formation, sedimentology studies in Lagans Cave, and in a continuation of earlier studies, cave dating, with speleothem sampling from many caves within the area. A new study was also started to understand the geochemistry of guano deposits within the Mulu caves.

The expedition team also filmed the major cave systems in the park and set this within a general view of the many attractions of the area. One of the major activities was filming in Sarawak Chamber – the focus there was the story of the cavers who originally discovered
the chamber in 1980. The original explorers are now rather long in the tooth, but were still able to take part!

2012 was a resounding success with results only limited by the duration of the trip. As with every Mulu expedition, there is always more to be done than time allows.

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