December - 2018

Deer Cave southern entrance | photo © Matt Kirby

The Mulu Caves 2010 Expedition has recently completed its work.  Based at Gunung Mulu National Park Headquarters, the expedition was in the field between the 4th and 25th May 2010.  The team comprised seven members from the UK together with a representative of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation and, as is usual, was closely supported by the National Park Management and Staff, local organisers and local labour. 

Collecting mud samples | photo © Robbie Shone

The main focus of attention was at the southern end of the National Park.  Here, some fifteen kilometres of surface survey traverse was completed around the Southern Hills tying together all the known caves of the massif.  These will be included in the master survex database and a number of different maps can now be produced.  A small amount of new exploration was undertaken and the new passage surveyed.  This increased the known cave under the Southern Hills from 18,021m to 20,439m. 

Caves of the Southern Hills

The scientific programme, begun in 2009, was continued into the southern caves.  This included the collection of mud, quartz and speleothem samples in order to date the development of the cave passages and increase understanding of the developmental history of the Mulu caves. 

A number of modern digital photographs were taken in caves close to Park HQ.  These may be of use for educational and promotional purposes within the new visitor centre.  

The expedition was very successful in completing a number of its objectives.


The 2010 Team

 Andy Eavis – Rambli Ahmad – Pete Smart – Matt Kirby – Hugh StLawrence – Veno Enar – Gina Moseley – Tim Allen (leader) – Robbie Shone