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Centrepage spread of The Guardian, 07-09-2010

This year has seen the Mulu Caves well positioned in the press, most recently in the UK quality national paper The Guardian with a centre page spread photo of Deer Cave, taken by expedition member Robbie Shone.  A centre page photo spread in any national newspaper is an unusual occurence and some achievement, one which few sports can lay claim to – testimony to the quality of the photograph by Robbie and to the amazing spectacle that is Deer Cave, the largest cave passage in the world.

Earlier in the year the discoveries of the 2009 expedition were given six pages in the Nordic editions of the popular colour magazine Science Illustrated (or Illusteret Videnskab as it is known in Denmark where it is published.)

Science Illustrated/Illusteret Videnskab magazine

The findings of the 2010 expedition were also reported with photographs in the Daily Mail online.