February - 2019

A passage in the new upper levels of Clearwater

The discovery of new levels of cave development in Clearwater Cave during the 2014 expedition have exposed the possibility of massive expansion of the Clearwater System.

Through bold climbing a small team followed draughts above Scumring Camp into two new high levels of cave development, both higher than the previous ‘upper’ levels of Clearwater and Whiterock caves. Some five kilometres of cave have been surveyed in the new levels, although many leads remain open and unpushed, partly due to the passages’ ¬†remoteness and difficulty of access.

The extensions so far lie above Clearwater Cave, but there seems no reason why these high levels don’t also extend over the top of Whiterock Cave to the north – a mouthwatering prospect.

Further exploration will be needed to realise the potential of these new discoveries, but on the face of it the Clearwater System could be set for a significant expansion in length beyond it’s present 205 kilometres.

Mulu Caves 2014 Expedition