February - 2019

Mulu Caves 2011 has published the preliminary report on its field work.  The details of this report can be seen in the expedition summary of this web site [here].  Photographs from the expedition can be viewed [here].

The team are now involved with all the post expedition work.  There is much to be done before full results can be announced with up to date models, surveys and maps.  The expedition will publish a full report once this work is completed.

The Mulu Caves Project would like to thank all those who helped to make the latest expedition a success. 



From Sarawak:

  • The Chief Minister of Sarawak
  • The Sarawak State Secretary
  • The Director of Forests, Sarawak
  • Protected Areas & Biodiversity Conservation Unit, Sarawak Forestry Corporation
  • G.Mulu National Park Management & Staff
  • Local organisers and assistants
  • Oswald Braken Tisen
  • Rambli Ahmad

 The expedition is very grateful for the support of the following sponsors and organisations.

  • Leica Geosystems UK
  • Makita (UK) Ltd
  • Sealskinz Ltd
  • Mount Everest Foundation
  • Buffera Ltd
  • Scurion
  • Ghar Parau Foundation
  • Megaflash Ltd

A full list of acknowledgements will be published in the final report