February - 2019

Mulu National Park HQ – tuesday morning.

The Deer Cave trial scanning has been completed successfully.  Yesterday, we assisted the scanning team of three into Sarawak Chamber for a four day camp.  This was a mammoth effort by nine cavers and three surface porters.  Unfortunately, heavy rain the night before meant that the entrance passage was flooded and swimming the only way in.  Fortunately, we had come prepared and soon a raft was constructed out of inner tubes and poles.  This enabled all the scanning and camping  gear to be floated in safely whilst the team and support crew swam and pushed alongside. The high water made the Nasib Bagus streamway very sporting, and no doubt several of the new members would have found the day something of an unforgettable experience.  Nine heavy bags and three people were then left behind in a comfortable camp site just below the great chamber.  The support team then had the unenviable task of retracing their steps down the cascades, long swim and three hour walk back to HQ in the dark.

Today, six porters and six cavers are heading up to camp one in the Paku Valley for four days.  The main objective for this team is to attempt a new photograph of Sarawak Chamber once the laser scanning is complete.  In addition a number of other photo opportunities will be taken and some new leads assessed.  This ambitious project should be complete by the time the remaining team members arrive at the end of the month.  The whole team will then move up to Camp 5 where the focus will turn to exploration.