December - 2018

‘Visions of Mulu – 60 million years in the making’ has recently been published by Gunung Mulu National Park Management.   Mulu Caves Project members are proud to have supplied photographs, maps and text for the cave exploration section of the book.  At present it is available from the National Park gift shop and various other outlets in Sarawak.   The book retails for RM160 (approx £30 sterling).  ISBN 978-983-812-131-6. 

The front cover depicts the entry into the Garden of Eden, and inside one of the many stunning underground photographs.


‘Visions of Mulu – 60 million years in the making’ is a beautifully produced coffee table book with extensive colour plate photographs of the wildlife and caves, as well as introductory sections on the history and geology of the park.

 This is a high quality publication, sanctioned by Sarawak Authorities and largely put together by Brian and Sue Clark of Borsarmulu Park Management.  The Mulu Caves Project provided most of the cave photographs, with contributions especially from Robbie Shone, Jerry Wooldridge and Matt Kirby. The Project also provided a series of graphics showing the development of the cave systems over the years.

 The story of cave exploration takes up a third of the book. The remaining pages depict the stunning scenery and diverse fauna and flora that inhabit the National Park.

The Black-headed cat snake and the Oriental Vine snake come to life in 'Visions of Mulu'.