December - 2018
The survey gets underway on the 2.5m drawing table

The survey gets underway on the 2.5m drawing table

During August and early September 2009 a concerted effort was made to complete the drawing up of the Whiterock survey.  This was the culmination of four expeditions work by many different surveys working under the northern end of Gunung Api.  The cartography was carefully planned in advance by the drawing team of Hugh St Lawrence, Robbie Shone, Matt Kirby and Tim Allen.  At this stage it was decided to include all of Blackrock Cave up to the 1991 connection with Clearwater as this mostly represented the lower development levels of the northern part of the system.

Using the survex database to produce the centre line, the three major development levels were separated out.  The three levels were each hand drawn indiviually, scanned and then stitched back together on the computer.  This allowed the levels to be graded in different colour tones so that complex areas would be easier to understand.  Three elevations (east, central & west) were also drawn and added to the final draft.

Whilst the cartographers were active other survey work was completed.  The original drafting film survey of Clearwater was updated with all ’odd’s and sods’  discovered at this end of the system since it was drawn up in 1989.  This was then scanned and used in conjunction with the new Whiterock survey to produce some graphic illustrations of the whole Clearwater system.  With each major level shown as a different colour this gives a unique perspective into the development of the system  and is likely to assist those interested in the geomorphology of the caves for many years to come.

The graphic illustration of the Clearwater System

The graphic illustration of the Clearwater System (click to enlarge)