March - 2019

Team 1, Christmas 1980 | photo © Jerry Wooldridge

Back Row  

Mike Meredith, Andy Eavis, Martin Laverty, Phil Chapman, Uschi Trush, Jerry Wooldridge, Nick Airey, Dave Checkley, Tony White  

Front Row  

Hans Friederich, Dick Willis, Sandra Baya Mallang, Jon Buchan, Rachael Williams, Colin Boothroyd  


The 1980 team | photo © Jerry Wooldridge

The British Team (not in photographic order)  

Andy Eavis an Ben Lyon (Joint Leaders), Pete Smart and Pete Bull (Scientific Coordinators), Phil Chapman (Biologist), Barry Webb and Steve Crabtree (Geologists), Hans Friederich and Martin Laverty (Geomorphologists), Dave Checkley, Mike Meredith, Colin Boothroyd, Nick Airey, Dick Wilis and Tony White (Speleologists), Jon Buchan (Doctor), Jerry Wooldridge (Photographer), Marjorie Sweeting and Jim Rose (Geomorphologists), Sid Perou, Lindsay Dodd andGeoff Yeadon (Film Crew)