March - 2019

Discovered: 1980

Length: 2,900m

Vertical Range: 412.0m

Connections: None

Survey: not yet linked

The entrance to Good Luck Cave is via the resurgence in the Melinau Paku Valley approximatey 200m upstream from Cobra Cave. The first half kilometre of the cave is occupied by a lake in a tall, narrow (5m wide) canyon in which the water levels vary from wading to totally out of depth. Beyond this is a beautiful, turbulent streamway which includes a 15m diameter whirlpool which can be difficult to cross against the current. From this point on, the roof disappears from sight and the streamway narrows, forcing explorers to traverse along the walls until it widens out into a steep slope of boulders. From here it is up, up, up, and then up, up, up some more! All the while the roof soars out of sight and the walls radiate out into the distance and beyond. It is impossible to tell when one actually enters the 700 x 400m Sarawak Chamber and its size can only really be gauged by spreading out a team around the treacherous, boulder-strewn floor and listening to whooping echoes travelling on into the distance; this is, after all, the largest underground chamber in the world! On the far side of this void a small streamway continues to a sump, the water originating from the Hidden Valley River. A glance at the area cave map shows that Prediction Cave must have been connected to Good Luck Cave in the past and a draughting lead in Predication Cave, which lies close to the northeastern arm of the chamber, is indication that this connection may some day be made.

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