February - 2019

The Gunung Mulu National Park contains 345km of known cave passages. This page lists the four major cave systems in order of length and also all the known caves in the National Park in alphabetical order with links to the relevant mountain page. In time, a brief overview description of each cave will be produced on its own page.

The Cave Systems

Clearwater Cave System   189,071.57
Benarat Caverns System   50,669.07
Terikan Caves System   32,572.00
Cobra – Cloud – Bridge Caves System 15,506.30

The Caves

Arch Cave Gunung Api
Bat Cave Gunung Api
Bat Cave Southern Hills
Benarat Caverns Gunung Benarat
Big Cave Southern Hills
Blue Moonlight Bay Cave Gunung Benarat
Bridge Cave Gunung Api
Buda Overlook Cave Gunung Benarat
Cairn Pot Gunung Api
Campfire Cave Isolated Batu
Cloud Cave Gunung Api
Cobweb Cave Gunung Benarat
Daniels Cave Southern Hills
David’s Cave Gunung Benarat
Deception Cave Gunung Benarat
Deer Cave Southern Hills
Deer Water Cave Southern Hills
Deliverance Cave* Gunung Benarat
Fat Frog Cave Southern Hills
Fern Rock Cave Southern Hills
Frog Cave Gunung Api
Fruit Bat Cave Southern Hills
Gawai Cave** Gunung Benarat
Green Cave Southern Hills
Helicopter Cave Gunung Api
Highest Cave in Mulu Gunung Api
Hole of the Moon Gunung Benarat
Hurricane Hole Gunung Benarat
Invader Streamway Gunung Api
Kenyalang Cave Southern Hills
Langs Cave Southern Hills
Likoh Cave Gunung Api
Mayday Cave Southern Hills
Menagerie Cave Gunung Benarat
Moon Cave Gunung Benarat
Moonmilk Cave Gunung Api
No County for Old Men Gunung Api
Paradise Gunung Benarat
Paris Cave Southern Hills
Penan Pot Cave Gunung Api
Pendant Cave Southern Hills
Perseverance Cave Gunung Api
Peter’s Cave Southern Hills
Pinnacle Cave Gunung Api
Pinnacle Cave No.2 Gunung Api
Porcupine Cave Southern Hills
Pre Repast Cave Gunung Api
Rat Cave Gunung Api
Red River East 1 Batu Terikan
Red River East 3 Batu Terikan
Red River East 4 Batu Terikan
Red River North Batu Terikan
Red River S-E 1 Batu Terikan
Red River S-E 2 Batu Terikan
Red River South Batu Terikan
Red River West 2 Batu Terikan
Red River West 3 Batu Terikan
Red River West 4 Batu Terikan
Red River West 5 Batu Terikan
Red Tip Racer Cave Gunung Api
Rock Shelter Gunung Api
Sakai’s Cave Gunung Benarat
Shatterbox Gunung Api
Snail Shell Cave Gunung Api
Snake Cave Southern Hills
Stone Horse Cave Southern Hills
Surfrace Cave Southern Hills
Terikan Rising Cave Gunung Benarat
Terikan River Cave East Gunung Benarat
Terikan River Cave West Gunung Benarat
Tiger Back Cave Gunung Api
Tiger Cave Gunung Benarat
Tiger Water Cave Gunung Api
Tobichi Cave Batu Terikan
Tree Cave Gunung Api
Western Front Cave Gunung Api
White Rift Cave Gunung Api
Wild Boar Cave Southern Hills

*Denotes cave explored by the Amerian Buda expeditions of 1997 & 2000

** Denotes cave explored by a Japanese expedition during 1997