February - 2019

The Benarat Caverns System lies under the southern and western flanks of Gunung Benarat north of the Melinau Gorge. At 51km long it is the second longest cave system in the Gunung Mulu National Park, and is only a short distance from connection with the nearby 32km long Terikan System.

Total Length: 50,669m
Vertical Range: 450.30m

Component Caves:

Benarat Caverns – discovered 1978
Hurricane Hole – connected 2000
Moon Cave – connected 2005
Cobweb Cave - connected 2007


see also:

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The separate caves of Cobweb Cave and Benarat Caverns were explored during the 1980’s and extended in 2000 and 2003, notably Cobweb to 30km length. In 2005, during efforts to scale the Benarat cliffs to reach a higher unexplored entrance (finally entered in 2009), a small entrance was discovered leading into the 7km long Moon Cave.  This bisected the gap between Cobweb and Benarat Caverns and a connection was made to the latter on that trip.  In 2007, a 2.5km extension in Moon Cave connected with the high levels of Cobweb Cave, creating the Benearat Caverns System.

Only 230m from the northern extremities of the system lies the southern most point of the Terikan System. Although proving resistant, a connection seems possible in the not too distant future. And still there is huge potential for new cave under the central section of the Benarat mountain.

The Benarat Caverns System