February - 2019

The Terikan Cave System is located at the northern end of Gunung Benerat.  The focal point of the system is the resurgence of the Terikan River which drains the whole of the mountain.

Total Length: 32,572m
Vertical Range: 185.25m
Component Caves:

Terikan Rising – discovered 1978
Deception Cave – connected 2003
Menagerie Cave - connected 2003
Terikan West – connected 2005
Terikan East - connected 2005
Blue M’nlight Bay - connected 2005


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The resurgence was explored at the end of the 1978 expedition but ended in sumps, however, inlets from the alluvial plain allowed access to two upstream sections of the river.  In 1980 Blue Moonlight Bay Cave was explored for 9.4km and further sections of the upstream river discovered.  In 1984 Menagerie and Deception Caves were discovered on the western escarpment to the south of the resurgence.  In 2003 the Elevator Entrance was discovered between the two which gave access to 12.5km of new cave and connected the resurgence up with both Menagerie and Deception.  On the same expedition a short crawl through boulders connected Blue Moonlight Bay with Terikan East.  In 2005 divers joined the expedition and connected the remaining two sections of river passage creating a 32.5km long system.  The system ends just 230m from the Cobweb Cave area of the Benerat Caverns System where, unfortunately a dry valley has truncated the passages. However, deeper into the mountain the potential for further discoveries and connections is much more realistic.

The Terikan Caves System